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GSW 1558: Urban heat, fluid flow during subduction, & cratonic stability

Wednesday, Oct 7, 2020

Meeting #1558

Jeremy Hoffman, Science Museum of Virginia, “The enduring legacy of inequitable exposure to urban heat and other tales”

Sarah C. Penniston-Dorland, University of Maryland, “Applying crystal clocks to metamorphic processes: Using Li isotopes in garnet to constrain the duration of fluid flow during subduction metamorphism”

Carol Frost, University of Wyoming, “Born Strong: the making and breaking of cratons


Formal program at 8:00 pm EDT

*** Meeting to be held virtually via Zoom***

As a continuing effort to ensure that our speakers are able to present their talks without any distractions/disruptions, the meeting will be locked 15 minutes after the formal program begins, after which time new attendees will only be allowed into the meeting between talks (the waiting room will be enabled for anyone trying to enter the meeting during a talk). To Attend: Please e-mail Abraham Padilla (apadilla [at] for the Zoom link.

Meeting flyer to print out and post in your living room.