Monthly Archives: May 2021

GSW meeting 1566: Draft of minutes for members to evaluate

Please take a look at the draft minutes and see if you have any corrections or additions. If so, please send those ideas to Meeting Secretary Beth Doyle at edoyle[at]

Meeting minutes [PDF format].

GSW Meeting 1567 on 19 May 2021: Exoplanets

Our last GSW meeting of the Spring will feature an Exoplanet theme. Further details, including the Zoom link, will be sent to members. For non-members who wish to attend, please email Mong-Han Huang (mhhuang[at] for the Zoom link. Here are the talks, and speakers, and announcement.

Dr. David Kipping (Columbia University):  The Search for Exomoons

Sarah Moran (Johns Hopkins University): The Chemistry of Super-Earth and Sub-Neptune Hazes from Laboratory Experiments

Dr. Peter Gao (University of California, Santa Cruz & Carnegie Science Earth and Planets Laboratory): Super-Earth Water Worlds, Mini-Neptunes, Oh My! Towards Understanding the Most Common Type of Planet in the Galaxy