Monthly Archives: February 2022

Our 23 Feb meeting of GSW will be at the Cosmos Club!

It will also be available virtually, via Zoom. If you come to the Cosmos Club remember to bring your Covid vaccination card. It will be checked before admission. And don’t forget to save some room for the beer. We have a full program of three talks, including a talk about how water and other volatiles affects the behavior of silicic magmatic systems, then a behind-the-scenes look at the daily news process at National Geographic, and finally a presentation on the ‘original arms-race’ about how arms developed in the ancient forerunners of mammals. Contact Michael Ackerson (ackersonm[at] for the Zoom link if you do not have it.

GSW meeting 1574: Draft minutes of meeting for members to evaluate

Please find attached here the draft minutes of the Feb 2 meeting for members to evaluate. If you have any additions or corrections please email them to our meeting secretary, Beth Doyle at edoyle[at]