Monthly Archives: January 2023

Draft minutes of first 2023 meeting (1585th of GSW) on 18 January

Please take a look at these draft meeting minutes, and if you have any changes or corrections please contact Graham Lederer, the meeting secretary (glederer at

Draft minutes of GSW Presidential Address

are awaiting your examination. Please take a look at them here, and if you have any additions or corrections, send them to Beth Doyle (edoyle at prior to our virtual-only meeting this coming Wednesday.

First GSW of 2023 on Wed, Jan. 18 with the meeting slated to begin at 8 PM

Will be a virtual only affair via Zoom with three talks. Patricia Gregg (Univ. of Illinois) will discuss forecasting volcanic unrest and eruption potential through thermo-mechanical modeling and geodetic data assimilation. This will be followed by ‘Forecasting Transport Modeling of Microbial Dynamics in Marine Methane Hydrate Systems’ by Li Wei (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory). The final talk, by Emilie Beaudon (Ohio State), is entitled ‘Paleoenvironmental Value of the Mineral Aerosol Record from the oldest Tibetan ice core’. All talks will be 20 minutes, with questions to follow. Members should have received email invitations to the meeting, which should include the Zoom link. Anyone who would like to attend, and has not received an invitation, can contact Kori Newman (kori.newman at for the meeting link. Hope to ‘see’ you there!

2022 Best Papers & Awards

At the 7 December annual meeting, the Bradley Best paper was awarded to Brent Goehring (Tulane University) for Holocene Glacier Length. Variations along the Spine of the American Cordillera. Confirming Hypotheses and Worrisome Trends. The Best paper is awarded $200. The runner-up for the Best Paper was awarded to Jan Hellman (UMD) for Fractionation and Mixing Processes in the Early Solar System inferred from Tellurium Isotope Variations in Chondrites. The runner-up paper is awarded $100. The best informal communication was from Kadie Bennis (NMNH) for a presentation on the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai eruption. The best informal communication is awarded $50. The Sleeping Bear award goes to Steve Shirey.