Monthly Archives: September 2021

GSW meeting 1568: Draft of minutes for members to evaluate

Please take a look at the draft minutes and see if you have any corrections or additions. If so, please send those ideas to Meeting Secretary Beth Doyle at edoyle[at]

Meeting minutes [PDF format].

Cosmos Club meeting: Sept 29

Our second meeting this Fall will be held at the Cosmos Club, and will not include an online component. Please wear a mask at all times because of the Delta variant, taking your mask off only for drinking or eating. The doors will open at 7:30, and the talks will commence at 8 PM. We have a full schedule of three talks with presentations from Dr. Paul Betka (George Mason) on tectonics within the IndoBurman subduction zone, Dr. Valerie Finlayson (UMCP) on siderophile anomalies in the Easter plume, and Dr. Francesca Miozzi (Carnegie) on carbon-rich exoplanets. We look forward to seeing many of you in the flesh again!