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The Geological Society of Washington (GSW) was founded in 1893 to
promote the increase and dissemination of geological knowledge. GSW provides a forum for geological interchange through a program of regularly scheduled formal talks, informal communications, opportunities to meet colleagues, field trips, and public service. Members represent a wide cross-section of the local geologic community including geoscientists from federal (U.S.Geological Survey, NASA, NSF, military, DOE, EPA) and state government, Congress, Carnegie Institution of Washington, local universities, museums (including the Smithsonian), consulting firms, Earth science educators, and others interested in the geological sciences. The Geological Society of Washington stands against anti-Black and anti-People of Color police violence and racialized political, social, and economic exclusion. We call for an end to systemic racism in the geoscience community. We condemn the racism that plagues our society and our profession.

Our meetings are open to anyone who is interested; Visitors and guests are welcome.

List of Officers and Committee Chairs
Articles of Incorporation (revised Dec. 2014) and Bylaws (revised Sept. 2015)
Directions to Meeting Location (PDF; also available in Word

Speaker Suggestions and Queries: 2021 Program Committee chair: Mong-Han Huang