GSW Meeting 1562 on 17 Feb 2021: Sulfur in arcs, volcanic degassing, & Kilauea caldera collapse.

Wednesday, 17 Feb 2021

Michelle Muth, University of Oregon, “The origin of sulfur in volcanic arcs

Yan Zhan, Carnegie Science, “An instant pot model for volcanic degassing

Kyle Anderson, US Geological Survey, “Geophysical insights from the world’s best-documented caldera collapse: Kilauea Volcano, 2018

Talks will be 20 minutes with questions to follow. The Zoom link opens at 7:30 PM for socializing. Formal program begins at 8 PM Eastern time.

To insure that our speakers are able to present their talks without any distractions or disruptions, the meeting will be locked 15 minutes after the formal program begins, after which time new attendees will only be allowed into the meeting room between talks (the waiting room will be enabled for anyone trying to enter the meeting during a talk). Further details, including the Zoom link to the talk, will be sent to members shortly. For non-members, please e-mail Mong-Han Huang (mhhuang [at] for the Zoom link.

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