Present & Past GSW presidents: Dec 1 dinner at Annabelle’s

GSW traditionally hosts a dinner for the current president prior to their presidential address. This year we also took the immediate past president to dinner because last year’s dinner was cancelled as a consequence of Covid-19. The number in parenthesis is the year they served GSW as president. L. to R. on the front row we have Linda Rowan (2011), Rosalind Helz (1994), Ester Sztein (2020), Liz Cottrell (2021), Karen Prestegaard (2018), Mary Horan (spouse), Jane Hammarstrom (2000), and Lynn Shirey (spouse). L. to R. on the back row we have Callan Bentley (2017), Bill Burton (2009), Richard Walker (2006), George Helz (1996), Tim Mock (2014), David Applegate (2003), Brooks Hanson (2005), Michael Purucker (2019), and Steve Shirey (1999).

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