Do you want to meet an astronaut (or 3)?

If so, the GSW, in conjunction with the Cosmos Club, is hosting a ‘Meet and Greet’ the evening of Thursday, March 30th for the recently returned Crew-4 astronauts. The event will be in the Crentz Room on the 2nd Floor of the Cosmos Club. We hope the meeting will begin about 6 PM tomorrow night (Thursday) for about an hour. Please adhere to the Cosmos Club’s dress code: “Gentlemen are expected to wear jackets, dress slacks, a collared long-sleeved shirt (tucked-in) or turtleneck. Ladies are expected to dress in an equivalent fashion”. The recently returned International Space Station (ISS) astronauts include one, Astronaut Dr. Jessica Watkins, who received a Ph.D. in geology from UCLA on the topic of ‘Tectonic and Aqueous processes in the formation of mass-wasting features on Mars and Earth’ in 2015 under the direction of Professor An Yin. Note that the event is on THURSDAY, not our traditional Wednesday. We hope that you (and your family) may be able to attend this event. Present yourselves at the front door of the Cosmos Club, and tell them that your host is Steve Mackwell, and that you are here for the astronaut meet and greet. Further information is available from purucker[at] Hope to see you there.

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