8 Nov GSW meeting will be at the Cosmos Club

It is an IN-PERSON meeting only. It will feature formal talks on the asteroid Bennu, the Juno magnetic field investigation, and What is Taphonomy, and why does it matter? We will begin with a talk by Jason Dworkin (GSFC-NASA) on ‘OSIRIS-REx delivered a sample of asteroid Bennu to Earth’. Next up will be Jack Connerney (ADNET at NASA) talking on ‘The Juno Magnetic Field Investigation: Dust from Mars, the Zodiacal Light, and a Comet Discovered in Flight’. The final talk of the evening will be presented by Anna K. Behrensmeyer (Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History) on ‘What is Taphonomy, and why does it matter?’ Abstracts of the talks, and biographies of the speakers, are here. Come at 7:30 PM to socialize and imbibe, the meeting begins at 8 PM, and ends by 10 PM.

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