2023 Awards and Draft minutes of our annual meeting, 6 Dec 2023

Our council secretary, Beth Doyle, has kindly provided a draft of the December 6 annual business meeting which is available here. The Awards committee presented the Bradley Prize for the best formal scientific talk to Anna K Behrensmeyer (Smithsonian) for her talk on Nov 8 entitled What is Taphonomy, and why does it matter? The prize for the second-best formal talk went to Shoshana Weider (NASA Hq) for her talk on Oct 4 entitled Mercury Exploration: Past, Present and Future. The Great Dane Award for the best informal communication to the GSW of timely or newsworthy events went to Tammy Bravo (Earthscope) for her update on the destructive magnitude 7.9 earthquake in Turkey. The Sleeping Bear Award for genuine good humor at meetings went to Hmong-Han Huang and Ved Lekic, both at the Univ of Maryland. Honorable mentions went to James (Jim) Head (Brown Univ) and Graham Lederer (USGS). The Meeting Secretary’s report by Graham Lederer announced that Michael Purucker took the honors as Grand Inquisitor, narrowly beating out Larry Meinert.

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