Draft minutes of 12 April meeting (1589th GSW)

Our meeting secretary, Graham Lederer, has kindly provided the following draft minutes of our last meeting. Let him know of any additions or corrections at glederer[at]usgs.gov.

12 April GSW meeting (the 1589th) is at the Cosmos Club

and is an IN-PERSON meeting ONLY. It will feature talks about the DARPA/USGS AI for Critical Mineral Assessment (Elliott; DARPA), National Flood policy (Honeycutt; Atkins, formerly White House OSTP), and constraining maximum earthquake ground motions (Pratt; USGS). A poster is here. Blurbs, Bios, and Pictures are here. Join us at the Powell auditorium beginning at 7:30 PM to socialize, or at 8 PM for the talks.

NOT the 1589 GSW meeting (30 March 2023)

The informal ‘meet and greet’ for the Crew-4 International Space Station astronauts at the Cosmos Club was attended by about 40, many of whom were scientists with their families who wanted to meet an astronaut. After a 20 minute narrated video from the astronauts, four NASA/UMD scientists with GSW & Cosmos Club experience (Killen, Kirschbaum, Cohen and Martos) gave short (4 minute) presentations to the astronauts about topics that have direct relevance to the return of humans to the Moon. The astronauts responded with interest, and good questions. At the end of the meeting the astronauts presented a plaque to the Cosmos Club and GSW.

Do you want to meet an astronaut (or 3)?

If so, the GSW, in conjunction with the Cosmos Club, is hosting a ‘Meet and Greet’ the evening of Thursday, March 30th for the recently returned Crew-4 astronauts. The event will be in the Crentz Room on the 2nd Floor of the Cosmos Club. We hope the meeting will begin about 6 PM tomorrow night (Thursday) for about an hour. Please adhere to the Cosmos Club’s dress code: “Gentlemen are expected to wear jackets, dress slacks, a collared long-sleeved shirt (tucked-in) or turtleneck. Ladies are expected to dress in an equivalent fashion”. The recently returned International Space Station (ISS) astronauts include one, Astronaut Dr. Jessica Watkins, who received a Ph.D. in geology from UCLA on the topic of ‘Tectonic and Aqueous processes in the formation of mass-wasting features on Mars and Earth’ in 2015 under the direction of Professor An Yin. Note that the event is on THURSDAY, not our traditional Wednesday. We hope that you (and your family) may be able to attend this event. Present yourselves at the front door of the Cosmos Club, and tell them that your host is Steve Mackwell, and that you are here for the astronaut meet and greet. Further information is available from purucker[at]alumni.caltech.edu. Hope to see you there.

Draft minutes of 22 March meeting (1588 GSW)

Please take a look at the draft minutes of the GSW meeting on 22 March. Any suggested changes or corrections should be sent to our meeting secretary glederer[at]usgs.gov

Upcoming March 22 GSW meeting is virtual only

and features three talks. Learn about the Chinese lunar and planetary program from Jim Head (Brown), the Archean origin of magnetofossils from Joe Kirschvink (Caltech/ELSI), and the Biogeochemistry of Irish bogs from Devin Smith (Ohio State). The talks will be on Zoom, and members will receive a notice soon. The meeting will begin at 8 PM (EDT), with the Zoom link opening at 7:30 PM for socializing. A reminder that we are now on Daylight Savings Time. The talks are open to all, and if you would like to attend on Zoom, send michael.e.purucker[at]nasa.gov an email to request the connection information. Short blurbs, bios, and pictures of the speakers are here.

Draft minutes of 8 March meeting (1587th GSW)

Please take a look at the draft minutes of GSW meeting on 8 March. Any suggested changes or corrections should be sent to our meeting secretary glederer[at]usgs.gov

Next GSW Meeting (March 8) will include a full slate of 3 talks

And will be a hybrid meeting at the Powell auditorium of the Cosmos Club, and on Zoom. The auditorium will open at 7:30 PM for socializing, and the meeting will begin at 8 PM. Our three talks include ones about joint geochemical & geophysical modeling of the deep continental crust (Sammon), Antarctic ice-sheet dynamics (Weber), and automated moonquake detection (Civilini). Members will shortly receive an invite which will include the Zoom link. Non-members are encouraged to attend, either in person or on Zoom. Anyone needing the Zoom link should email purucker[at]alumni.caltech.edu for it.

Draft minutes of 8 February meeting (1586th GSW)

Please take a look at the draft minutes of the special seismology-themed GSW meeting on 8 February. Any suggested changes or corrections should be sent to our meeting secretary glederer[at]usgs.gov.

First 2023 hybrid mtg: Cosmos Club on 8 Feb

Meeting 1586 will be on Wednesday, February 8 and will be hybrid (live at the Cosmos Club with the option to dial in via Zoom).  The Cosmos Club has discontinued all its COVID-19 policies so masks and proof of vaccination are no longer required.  As usual, the meeting starts at 8 pm with refreshments offered at 7:30 at the Cosmos Club. The Zoom link will be activated at 7:30 for socializing. Members should have received the announcement, including the Zoom link. If you need the Zoom link, contact Kori.Newman[at]gmail.com or michael.e.purucker[at]gmail.com. Our speakers bios are here.

The speakers are as follows:

Jay Pulli, Raytheon BBN Technologies/Weston Observatory — Citizen Seismology: How a $400 Seismometer Led to a 4600 Station Global Network

Jingchuan Wang, University of Maryland — Passive Seismic Monitoring Using Microseismic Noise Sources: Two Case Studies from Alberta, Canada

Danielle Sumy, EarthScope — Geocoding Applications for Social Science to Improve Earthquake Early Warning